“I’ll be home for Christmas!”  Traveling on Christmas can be a breeze if you just plan ahead.  That’s the word from Sky Harbor International Airport spokeswoman Heather Lissner.  She says the biggest travel tip is to give yourself enough time to make it to the airport.  Lissner says travelers should arrive at the airport at least

two hours ahead of their scheduled flight time to avoid any unforeseen issues.  Once you get to the airport, parking can be a nightmare.  Sky Harbor is offering a special discounted parking rate of $13 a day, as long as you reserve your spot online. If you go online at www.skyharbor.com, you can actually reserve a parking space in advance and marvel at the convenient access from the garage right into the terminal. 

Early Bag Check is another time-saving convenient option for travelers on the go!  Anyone flying American/US Airways, Southwest or United can avoid long lines at the ticket counter by checking your bags at East Economy Parking, the 44th Street PHX Sky Train Station, or at the Rental Car Center. The service is free, though airline bag fees still apply.  And then hop on the Sky Train and you’re in!

Not to be a Grinch, but the TSA isn’t a fan of traveling with wrapped presents.  Lissner says gifts should not be wrapped before check-in.  Gifts should be wrapped after you reach your destination.

Phoenix may have perfect 70 degree weather with the sun shining bright, but that doesn’t mean other states aren’t having a White Christmas.  Make sure to go online and check to see if your flight has been delayed due to weather issues in other states.

Go to www.SkyHarbor.com for all your traveling needs.

Kris Dugan