Traditional circuses featuring performances by lions, tigers, elephants and other exotic animals could face restriction, if not prohibition, in the city of Kingman in the future. Such forms of “entertainment” are under a critical microscope across the nation and around the world as advocates expose and protest the alleged abuse of animals within the industry.

Keepers of the Wild Founder and Operator Jonathan Kraft played the first part of a video featuring alleged entertainment industry animal abuse during the July 18 Kingman City Council meeting. Council members expressed upset at what they saw and asked that the video be stopped.

They are receptive to imposing regulation or restriction that would ban performances by companies that may engage in the abuse of wild or exotic animals.

“I’d like to encourage the city to move this along as strongly and quickly as possible,” said councilmember Vickie Kress.

Vice Mayor Jen Miles concurred, provided exceptions are made for local custom such as rodeo, 4-H programs and other learning opportunities involving the animal kingdom.

City attorney Carl Cooper was directed to prepare an ordinance for contemplation and possible adoption in August. He said he would review ordinances adopted in other jurisdictions, particularly one implemented in West Hollywood, California as a framework for his effort.