scam-alert-picThe Lake Havasu City Police Department is warning the public about a computer scam that recently defrauded a local resident. A Lake Havasu City resident was contacted by a person claiming to be employed by a computer company.  The suspect told the resident that he needed to fix their computer because it had been hacked. The resident was instructed to send a specific amount of money through Western Union to fix the computer. After the money was sent, the suspect called and told the resident that he worked on the computer for a few days and fixed the problem.

 On another occasion, the suspect called a resident and said he was from Ryzone Computer Company. The suspect told the citizen that he found numerous viruses on their computer. The suspect said they had a master computer in California which detected the viruses. The suspect asked the resident to enter several numeric codes into the computer. This allowed the suspect to remotely access the computer. The suspect called back and demanded $150.00 for the repair work to the computer.

 Ways to avoid being victimized by the computer scam:

  • Never send money to anyone that calls and alleges they found a computer virus and demands payment to fix the issue.
  • Don’t give personal information out or enter in any codes that would allow the person to remotely access a computer.
  • Contact a reputable antivirus provider or computer repair company if there is any question about a virus being on a computer. 

 Lake Havasu City residents are strongly encouraged not to send money to anyone they do not know. Report any similar activity to the police department immediately. Information on crime trends can be found at the Lake Havasu City Police Department’s  Citizens can also obtain additional information by visiting the Attorney General’s Website at