The threat to one of our state’s five C’s is growing as a small area in Gila
Bend is now the first part of Maricopa County to be added to the quarantine for
the tiny Asian Citrus Psyllid, and insect that can carry the always-fatal Citrus
Greening Disease that kills citrus trees,
Arizona Agriculture Department Associate
Director John Caravetta credits the public with slowing the psyllid’s spread
but it has still grown to include more than 22,000 square miles in Arizona,
within Santa Cruz, Yuma, Mohave and Maricopa counties and all of Southern California.
Caravetta notes that these bugs are the size of the ball in a ballpoint pen and
so the only way to prevent the spread of this bug is to not move the
unprocessed fruit or trees.  Though this
disease has not yet been found in Arizona, Caravetta says the best thing you
can do to help is to only buy citrus fruit from stores and reputable roadside
vendors and buy any citrus trees only if they are sold in-state