article-304920-1339411415.14City and County officials are working together to resolve the recent invasion of Caddisflies and Mosquitos in Bullhead City.

     Bullhead City Mayor Tom Brady along with County Supervisors Hildy Angius and Steve Moss have been working with city and county staff to find both short-term and long-term solutions to the Caddisflies and Mosquito problem in the community.

The City and County are also in touch with the Bullhead Pest Abatement District, Clark County Town Manager’s Office and Clark County Vector Control to discuss how the region can work together to resolve the Caddisflies issue.

The Caddisflies became significantly active over the past seven days. The Caddisflies are mostly impacting property owners along the Colorado River. The Mosquito problem worsened significantly earlier this week. City staff began receiving complaints about the mosquitos on Tuesday evening. Most of the complaints were coming from the Rotary Park area. The City contacted the Mohave County Health Department on Wednesday to work on solutions.

“The City is taking these matters very seriously,” Mayor Brady said. “Our residents and winter visitors want to enjoy our great October weather, but some of them are being impacted by the insects. We are going to work with our partners at the Pest Abatement District and County to make sure we have solutions to these problems.”

Certified city parks maintenance staff treated the pond within Rotary Park to eradicate the mosquito larva on Wednesday morning. They also treated all standing water within the park on Wednesday. In addition, the City has posted the park for a complete treatment on Friday evening. The City has contracted with Baron Pest Solutions for these services at Rotary Park.

The treatment application will take place after all activities Friday evening within Rotary Park. All residents are asked to stay away from the application crew.

While the City treats the mosquitos within Rotary Park, the City and its youth partner organizations encourage all participants to wear insect repellant until the issue subsides. Insect repellant can be found at local retailers.