Months of discussion and debate over economic development topics came to a head at the April 18 Kingman City Council meeting. Council and community members have been at odds with respect to what should be the proper approach and sequence of events, but it appeared that a timeline was established during the meeting.

Monica Gates was unable to command majority council support for her contention that a grass roots Arizona Town Hall should come first. Only Council members Vickie Kress and Stuart Yocum sided with the Mayor that the Town Hall should lay the foundation before other things occur.

Other Council members want the city to move forward with hiring an in-house economic development director and an outside firm to help with preparation of a long term strategic plan. Vice Mayor Jen Miles essentially emerged as the tie breaker to settle the stalemate.

Miles said she believed that all three ingredients should be blended into the same soup. She said it might be best for the city employed director and the outside planning firm to be secured first, ensuring their participation in the town hall, which would come later.

Council approved member Travis Lingenfelter’s suggestion that the city issue a request for proposals to engage the services of an outside firm. City Manager John Dougherty said an Economic Development Director could be on board in July.

Council was also informed that current discussion has the Town Hall likely taking place sometime in August.