An unusual public dialogue evolved when Council members Travis Lingenfelter and Jamie Scott Stehly recently expressed concern that Kingman City manager John Dougherty has not yet been able to begin recruiting a strategic planning firm.

The goal has been to hire an Economic Development Director (EDD) and a strategic planning firm so that they can be involved on the ground floor when the economic development focused Arizona Town Hall takes place August 19. An EDD could be on board by then because a couple of applicant finalists are set for interviews June 26 and 27.

Here is a transcript of the discussion between the trio that occurred during a portion of the June 6 Council meeting.

TL: Where do we stand on the economic development strategic planning firm?

JD: I’m waiting to hire an economic development director to do that.

TL: So we haven’t issued an RFP (request for proposal)?

JD: No!

TL: How are we going to have that component participate in the Arizona Town Hall?

JD: It’s going to be difficult.

TL: I think that’s what the majority of the Council voted on doing.

JSS: I was under the impression we were going to put out an RFP to get quotes on that right away so that all of these three pieces could come together.

JD: I don’t have the staff and I don’t have the time, so I’m doing the best I can.

TL: That was the directive of the Council though, 4-3 (vote). It needs to happen. We need to have that firm be a part of the process because the full council voted on it. So it needs to happen. I understand your staff shortages and what not, but the Council voted.

JD: You also directed me to hire an economic development director and that’s taken a lot of my time.

TL: That’s why we pay you the big bucks John.

JD: To double me?

JSS: When we have these discussions and we vote and we give direction we really are trusting you to carry that out. So, if you run into these road blocks, when you’re not able to deliver, then I think it would be helpful if you could at least contact us and let us know that you’ve run into a problem….maybe as a group we can help find a solution to that so that we can continue on with the direction that we’re looking for. So, I would appreciate more communication on those kind of items please.

JD: Okay.

TL: Absolutely. Thank you. No one likes surprises. I don’t like surprises.

Two days after the meeting Dougherty said he was working to issue the RFQ by June 23, if not sooner. He said it is possible that the process could bring a firm on board in time for the Town Hall.