The City of Bullhead City has opened up registration for its re-envisioned adult softball leagues. The City has made many changes to the way it will run this season’s softball leagues to better suit player’s desires and make softball more accessible to all softball players.

“We found that some players really wanted the game to be more competitive, while others wanted the competition to take a back seat to a good time,” Recreation Supervisor Ashlee Bennett said. “The new softball leagues feature social leagues for players less focused on competition, as well as A-leagues for players who are heavily focused on competition and

B-leagues for the players who fall between.”

The City has also revamped its pricing structure to make the leagues more appealing to players. “We’ve completely eliminated player’s fees,” Bennett stated, “We used to charge a fee to each individual player on top of the team fee. Not only did we get rid of those fees, but we’ve reduced the team fees as well.” The new team fees are $100 for a team in a men’s or co-ed social league, $300 for a team in a men’s or co-ed B-league, and $500 for a team in the men’s or co-ed A-League.

 Bennett stated that reducing the cost of the team fees and player fees has made softball more accessible. “If a team can find a sponsor to cover the team fee, players can play for free.” Bennett said, “That’s never been possible before.”

Bennett also stated that the city is happy to facilitate the process of getting teams sponsored, and that the city provides incentives for businesses to sponsor teams. “Businesses that sponsor softball get their teams named after them and receive a banner with their logo placed at the softball fields,” Bennett said, “Businesses that are interested should contact her at (928)763-9400 extension 306 or by email at abennett@bullheadcity.com.”

 “With the new pricing structure, and the addition of social leagues, we expect to gain more participation in this year’s softball leagues” Bennett stated. “We’ve listened to our players and our residents, and we’ve made changes we’re confident they will enjoy.”

 Players or teams who are interested in joining this year’s fall softball season can register using the city’s new online registration form at bullheadcity.com/softball, or over the phone by calling City Hall at (928)-763-9400. Registration closes September 23 at 5pm.