A minister representing a national civil rights group befriending Shanesha Taylor argues Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery has no right telling the notorious mugshot mom how to spend online donations given in her legal fight. The Reverend Gregg Greer calls it, government overreach, in putting that money up as part of a deal to escape child abuse charges.

Greer, a minister active with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference says government overreach impacts everything from the Taylor case to alleged police brutality in White officer on Black suspect shootings. However, he won’t say  race is the overriding factor as to why Taylor is now being prosecuted, but he also won’t discount it as a “relevant” factor.  Taylor is less adamant, saying her circumstances have more to do with money. She adds, she’s already been punished enough, from being jailed, temporarily losing her kids, to enduring the scourge of public scorn and being misunderstood.

The Glendale mother is charged with child abuse for leaving her kids in a hot car during a job interview. Her trial is in February.

–Barbara Villa