JSN - HIGH RISE TRAININGThe Clark County Fire Department hosted their colleagues from Bullhead City this week for a two-day training exercise to hone the skills of local firefighters on the procedures for handling a high-rise fire suppression and rescue operation in Laughlin.  The exercise took place at the Tropicana Laughlin, where the mock drill included a fire on the fifth floor of the west tower of the resort. Crews with both Clark County Fire Stations 76 and 85 were the first crews to arrive on scene with firefighters reporting white smoke coming from the high-rise (again this was a mock drill). Bullhead City Fire Engine 731 and associated rescue crews were called to the scene, which is standard procedure for a mass casualty incident like a high-rise structure fire.  According to Clark County Fire Captain Warren Whitney, the training helps keep local firefighters on the same page when it comes to changes in procedures or the implementation of new techniques that are developed over time. Bullhead City Fire Department Battalion Chief Craig Stephenson said, that while there are plenty of resources for each department to handle the normal, average, everyday types of incidents on each side of the Colorado River, the resources become “stretched thin” during mass casualty incidents, which requires the assistance of neighboring departments. The two agencies will meet again at the Tropicana later this month for additional training.