The Hillary Clinton campaign is throwing some green at the Red State of Arizona in hopes of flipping it Blue.  Arizona’s Communications Director for Donald Trump Brian Seitchick says the Trump campaign is thrill that Clinton is spending some cash in Arizona.  He says “it’s great news, the more money they

want to waste in Arizona, the better.  I encourage them to keep spending, it’s also good for the local economy which is good for everybody!”  He adds, “Arizona has only voted Democrat twice since the 1950’s so the more the Democrats want to spend here, the less money they have to spend in other states.”

As for the Second Amendment comment Trump made that caused a media firestorm, Seitchick says the media has “selective memory” when it comes to veiled threats against opposing candidates.  He reminds the people that Clinton brought up the Robert F. Kennedy assassination when she was running against then Senator Barak Obama in 2008.  When reporters asked if she were dropping out, she referenced the RFK assassination saying anything can happen in June.  Clinton later apologized for the remark.  Seitchick also harkins back to President Obama threatening the GOP when he spoke at a rally, saying “if they bring a knife, we’ll bring a gun.”  Seitchick says “it’s the Clinton spin machine working overtime to divert attention from the revelation that the DOJ is allegedly in cahoots with the Clinton Foundation. 
It’s been uncovered that the FBI requested an investigation into the Clinton Foundation that Obama’s Department of Justice blocked.  Emails have been released the suggest a “pay for play” scheme while Clinton was Secretary of State.  New batch of e-mails from Wikileaks allege Clinton donors were given deals and special treatment while she was with the State Department.

Kris Dugan