State representative Regina Cobb is upset with a group she says has deliberately distorted her legislative record in an attempt to prevent her re-election. The District 5 republican from Kingman said the American Federation for Children has put an X on her back.

Cobb said the conservative group has always pushed voucher and privatization approaches and that it is targeting her for election defeat because she has not supported the movement for fear of harm to the public education system. Cobb said she has more depth as a legislator and should not suffer a hit campaign because of a single issue.

Cobb said the group is spending more than $14,000 to oust her from office in the current election cycle. She said the Federation has every right to do so, but that it crossed the line delving too deeply into her personal business.

Cobb said the group pulled material from her divorce file and has manipulated the information to make her look bad. She said she won’t address the mudslinging because to do so would impact her former husband and their children.

“Attack me and attack what I’ve done, but do not dig back into my personal life and pull tidbits out to slander me,” Cobb said. “It’s beyond disturbing. I’m disgusted.”

Cobb said she’ll stand on her record and hope that the voters overlook the smear campaign she said is being conducted in mainstream advertising and through social media.