An arrest has been made in two cold cases involving the murder of two young girls.  Phoenix police say 42-year-old Bryan Patrick Miller has been arrested in connection with the deaths of 17-year-old Melanie Bernas and 22-year-old Angela Brasso.  Phoenix Police Chief Joseph Yahner says new DNA evidence

collected by undercover officers has linked Miller to the murders that were committed in the early 90’s.

Twenty-two-year-old Angela Brasso was last seen riding her bike in November of 1992 when she disappeared.  Her decapitated body was later found in the field near her apartment complex at 23rd Avenue and Cactus Road. A year later, 17-year-old Melanie Bernas was also riding her bike when her murdered body was found near the Black Canyon Freeway and Thunderbird Road.

Police say DNA evidence links both murders to Miller.  Police arrested Miller Tuesday night at his home.  Authorities discovered that Miller, who lives with his teenage daughter, is a hoarder.  Piles of stuff was found in his home that will take officers days to piece through everything. 

Meanwhile, it turns out that Miller moved to Washington State for a time, but later moved back to the Valley.  Phoenix police are working with authorities in Washington State and checking the DNA database for any possible links to crimes committed in that state during Miller’s residency. Police are also looking into possible sexual abuse and kidnapping charges as well.

Miller has been booked on two counts of first degree murder.  
Bryan Patrick Miller

Kris Dugan