game and fish

It’s less than two weeks until the application deadline for the elk/pronghorn draw, and it’s a time when many hunters buy their license.

If you’re someone who typically buys only a hunting license, consider buying a hunt/fish combo license this year. Arizona’s mountains are full of snow, which not only means good forage for game animals, but also great opportunities for fishing. Many lakes and small ponds will have water where there hasn’t been any for a while.

A combo license only costs Arizona residents $57 – just $20 more than a hunting or fishing license only. It includes fishing privileges for state waters and Community Fishing Program waters as well as privileges for trout, two-pole and Colorado River fishing – no extra stamps to buy.


If you haven’t already purchased your license, you can conveniently buy it online 24/7 or when you are submitting your elk/pronghorn draw application.

So make it a combo license this year and be ready to go when the good fishing hits this spring!