Opponents of Scot Industries’ proposed relocation to Golden Valley hoped to convince Mohave County Planning and Zoning Commissioners that the pipe fabrication facility should be rejected at a site selected south of the Walnut Creek Estates subdivision. The Commission was unimpressed with their arguments and its members voted unanimously during their June 14 meeting to support the project.

About a dozen people told Commissioners they were worried about traffic, noise, obscured views, property values and other issues relative to the 76,000 square foot facility that would be constructed within a ten acre area near the center of a 265-acre parcel. About 15-18 people would be employed there.

The zoning application agent for the company, Kathy Tackett-Hicks, and the owner of the property that would be sold to Scot Industries, Scott Dunton, addressed each of the objections. Dunton told Commissioners many of the concerns were the byproduct of a deliberately deceptive, misinformation and distortion campaign that aimed to torpedo the project.

Justin Chambers, the broker for the pending property sale, said he has grown weary of no-growth-minded citizens stifling progress, job creation and tax base building.

“I am sick and tired of all the retirees who come here from California dictating the direction that the town and the valley should go,” Chambers said. “They are absolutely destroying any future for this area.”

“I am looking at all of the objections,” said Commission member Melanie Bruehl. “I feel that this is an incredibly good use of this property.”

Commissioner Mehdi Azarmi agreed.

“Golden Valley needs more of this kind of industry to bring jobs and to bring more money,” Azarmi said. “I think this is wonderful.”

By unanimous votes, the Commission is recommending approvals of rezoning and plan amendments required for the project. Mohave County Supervisors will consider the matters during their July 3 Board meeting.