thumbnail_JSN- VACANCY TO BE FILLEDA former mayor and city councilman have been appointed to a nominating committee that will recommend a replacement for Councilman Mickey McClure, who passed away last month. Former Mayor Jack Hakim and Former Councilman Dale Collins will join five other committee members later this month to interview candidates and develop a recommendation.

            The Bullhead City Council is expected to take the information from the nominating committee and appoint a replacement at its meeting on Apr. 5. Each member of the city council appointed one committee member and Mayor Tom Brady appointed two members during this week’s city council meeting. Councilwoman Tami Ring appointed Hakim and Councilman Mark Clark appointed Collins. Brady selected Pat Baer and Heather Petrillo. Vice Mayor Sheila Shutts appointed Robynn Mieding. Councilmembers Jerry Duval and Steve D’Amico appointed Janice Duval and Jamie Starr, respectively.

            The city code that established the nominating committee was adopted in 2008 after city councilmembers were facing their fourth appointment in less than three years. Hakim had resigned to run for mayor in 2007, one councilmember had resigned due to health reasons and two others died in office. The code changes were designed to give the public a bigger role in the appointment process.

            Those seeking an appointment to the city council need to complete a three-page application that can be obtained at the city clerk’s office or from the city’s website, The application must be returned to the city clerk’s office by 5 p.m. Mar. 16. Applicants need to be at least 18 years of age, eligible to registered to vote, and be a city resident for at least one year.

            The city’s nominating committee is scheduled to meeting on Mar. 29 to interview those that apply for an appointment. The interviews will continue on Mar. 30, if necessary. The interviews will be held in the city council chambers, will be open to the public, and they will be televised on the city’s cable Channel 4.

            Once completed with the interviews, the committee will rank the applicants and the top five candidates will move on to the city council for consideration.

            Regardless of who is appointed by the city council, McClure’s seat will be up for election during this year’s election cycle. Since the vacancy occurred before the end of this year’s nominating process for city council, Arizona state law requires that the remaining two years on McClure’s term be put up for a vote. As such, the person appointed will have to run for the seat this year if they want to complete McClure’s term.

            This year will be the first time in the city’s history that there will be five seats up for election. The only people not up for re-election this year are Brady and D’Amico. Those already running for one of the four seats normally up for election this year will have to alert the city clerk’s office if they intend to continue to run for one of the four seats, which will be for a four-year term, or if they’ll run for the two-year term remaining on McClure’s term.