KRMC’s Dizziness and Balance Center has developed a Concussion Assessment Program aimed at local student athletes. The program involves evaluation prior to sports activity to determine a standard level of nervous system function. These results can be referenced in the event of a future concussion, which can help return the athletes to their sport quicker and safer.

KRMC provides this service to safeguard student athletes who participate in sports with a high risk of head impact, such as football, basketball, soccer, cheerleading, wrestling, baseball, softball, and volleyball.

For the assessment, the students are subjected to a range of tests using an innovative piece of equipment called the Neurocom Balance Manager ® to determine baseline levels of balance associated with inner ear function.

Additionally, KRMC will conduct a neurocognitive assessment using ImPACT ® – a computerized concussion evaluation system. The athlete will perform tasks like word and shape recognition to measure functions such as verbal and visual memory, processing speed, and reaction time.

Finally, athletes will also perform a Functional Movement Screen ® to look at motor control, core stability, and risk for injuries.

The Dizziness and Balance Center began piloting the program this past May with student athletes from Kingman Academy of Learning High School and more recently with Lee Williams High School students.

For more information about this program, contact Chris Bowers, Clinical Coordinator KRMC Outpatient Therapy Services at 928-263-3994.