A Kingman man who is going to prison for killing his best friend and burying him under concrete attempts to set the record straight in a letter to the Judge that he has shared with Just Say News. Richard Polaski pled guilty Monday to second degree murder for the July, 2015 stabbing death of John Holland, 65.

Polaski faces a 10-18 year prison term when sentenced November 21 by Mohave County Superior Court Judge Lee Jantzen.

In his hand written letter to Judge Jantzen, littered with mis-spellings and incomplete sentences, Polaski explained that he and his wife Lorraine, and Holland, grew up together in the 1960’s and 70’s and that they reconnected in 2007 before settling in Kingman. Polaski said he was devastated when his wife of 42 years died in 2012, followed one week later by the death of his beloved dog “Shieba”.

Polaski indicated he was depressed and suicidal but that John refused his requests to borrow a gun to kill himself over a three year period. He said that changed on July 26, 2015 when John pointed a gun at him and threatened to shoot him.

“I jumped up grabbed gun and fought. I seen pocket knife on desk and stabbed John multiple times, till he dropped the gun,’’ Polaski’s letter to the Court stated. “I stopped stabbing John and died couple minutes later in my arms.”

Polaski tells judge Jantzen that he thinks John was going to kill him so he could be reunited with his dearly departed wife and dog. “That’s what friends are for in desperate times,” Polaski’s letter said.

Polaski concedes his depression, suicidal ideations and his wish to be with his lost loved ones.

“I am sorry John is dead. Wish it was me instead,” his letter stated.

Prosecutor Jonathan Taylor told Judge Jantzen that Polaski allegedly engaged in fraud to gain power of attorney over Holland’s assets, “plundering” his bank account of roughly $1.5-million. Fraud, forgery and theft charges are dismissed in the plea agreement.

Taylor said the embezzlement scheme is the focus of ongoing investigation.