flglpin1000024485_-00_conservative-republican-lapel-pinLaurence Schiff, M.D. and President of the Conservative Republican Club of Kingman had a few words to say to welcome the new season. Here is what he had to say;

“On behalf of CRCK members and board, I welcome everyone to fall.  That means we are less than a year out from the Republican primary (much less for the Presidential Preference Primary) and only a year from the general election – note for many of our local and county positions, the primary is tantamount to the general election due to the preponderance of Republicans in Mohave County.


As this is written, we are only 13 days away from our next CRCK meeting, on Monday, October 19th at 11:15 AM at the Dambar Steakhouse, with the meeting to begin promptly at noon.  We shall be continuing to introduce new candidates to the Kingman/Mohave County scene, this time, with three new faces and one familiar face running for a new office.  The three “newbies” are candidates for Mohave County Sheriff – they are Cori Merryman, John Gillette and Joe Archie.  This is, to my knowledge, the first run for elective office for all three, and they will have their opportunity to make their inaugural appearances in Kingman at our club.  The familiar face is State Rep Sonny Borrelli, who is running for State Senator against Ron Gould (who spoke in September), the position currently held by Dr. Kelli Ward, who is challenging John McCain for the U.S. Senate.


As always, the meeting will cost $3, with lunch optional and on your own.  No reservations are necessary, and the meeting is open to the public.  Membership in the club is $12 annually, and we will start to collect membership dues for next year (2016) in November.  Anyone of course joining this meeting as a new member will be considered paid up for next year as well.  We’ll also have a little gift for all paid members – I ordered the little gifts, but they do take a few weeks to get here, so bear with us.


A few notes for the future.  First, want to let everyone know we will be changing the dates of the meeting next year, no remember, not this year.  So that more of our elected officials can come to the meetings, we will switch our meetings from the third Monday of each month to the second Monday of each month, but note this will not start until the January meeting.  The meetings will remain at the same time and place.


Second, I want to give advance notice so everyone can plan their schedules and mark their calendars for next month, November.  The date will be November 16th at 11:15 AM at the Dambar.  We always have great speakers, but our November guest will be something real special.  We will be having Cathi Herrod, who is the President of the Center for Arizona Policy.  The CAP is the foremost organization/think tank on pro-life and family issues in the United States.  They are the originators of over 136 bills on family issues.  They are hated by organizations such as Planned Parenthood.  I’ll tell you more about them as the date approaches, but usually their dinners cost $250-$2,000 a ticket and feature people such as Dr. Ben Carson and Dr. Charles Krauthammer of FoxNews.  And you can meet and talk personally to the President of CAP, Cathi Herrod for (drum roll, please……………………), $3.


I’ll keep everyone posted on this and other doings’ soon – feel free to e-mail me for further information or to get active in the club.”