dambarHey, like the catchy new name!!!!!!!!!!!  Want to remind everyone that our inaugural meeting as the all-new Conservative Republican Club of Kingman (henceforth CRCK) is this Monday, the MLK holiday, January 19th at 11:15 AM at the Dambar Steakhouse at 1960 E. Andy Devine Avenue.  As befits our remaining a Republican Club, though we do hope to persuade those of conservative bent but registered as independents to join us, our guest speaker will be the head of the Arizona Republican Party (AzGOP), Robert Graham.  Mr. Graham was our guest two years ago, when he was engaged in a spirited duel for the office.  He is again up for re-election, but his election is all-but-certain, as he has proven to be a tremendous leader of the party – every office of consequence in Arizona is now held by a Republican.  I also appreciate his responsiveness to our part of the world, and I can reveal that he changed his schedule so he could come to our meeting, though, as we all know, there’s nothing better than Kingman in January.  Mr. Graham will also answer some of the tough questions from our audience, and I would hope he would address the issue of the Tea Party vs. the Establishment (you all know what I mean, especially those of you on Facebook). We will also be collecting our annual dues.  These dues will be $12 each, children under 18 free.  Each paid member will also receive a little gift as a token of our appreciation – I did order the gifts over one month ago, but the carrier pigeon, ahem, the U.S. Postal Service has not yet brought them, but I will be getting them to all paid members as soon as they arrive.  Also, as usual, the meetings will be $3 each, with lunch optional and on your own, and no reservations necessary. We will also continue our book exchange.  I have some great new books, and anyone who feels like cleaning their bookshelves and bringing us some books – we’ll greatly appreciate it.  If other don’t take them, we’ll donate them to the local correctional facilities, as we’ve been doing for the last year or so.  If you take a book, a donation to the club would be nice, but not required. Also, of course I would love to hear suggestions for speakers.  We will have some great speakers during the upcoming 22 months before the Presidential election, but, as I said in the Kingman Daily Miner article on Friday (and thanks to KDM for publicizing our new club), I want this to be a club of the grassroots, not the officers, and I will try as hard as I can to get the speakers you want. Finally, we do have some room for new officers.  My hope is to recruit people who want to work for the club, in whatever capacity they wish, and we will always find room for people who want to be involved in running the club.  Apart from meetings, we still have our Board meeting/breakfast at the old Denny’s the Tuesday before the meeting at 7:30 AM, and we continue our weekly Koffee Klatsch at roughly noon on Friday’s at the new Denny’s.  All are welcome to either. Looking forward to a fabulous start for our club on Monday.  I think we’ll have a great crowd, and hope to see all of you there.