download (1)The man who serves as Constable in north Mohave County intends to resign. Word of the intended office exit of North Canyon Constable Travis Heaton came at Monday’s Mohave County Board of Supervisors meeting.    Supervisors have been frustrated over Heaton’s failure to provide reports that document his work activity and demonstrate his fulfillment of training requirements.    Deputy County attorney Bill Ekstrom told supervisors that Heaton doesn’t wish to serve as Constable any longer.    “I guess the job changed,” Ekstrom explained. “It’s something that he used to enjoy. He doesn’t any longer. He’s just basically happy to get out of the position.”    Ekstrom further state that a mix of church and community politics has Heaton planning to tender his resignation by December 8.    “He says the difficulty since the split in Colorado City has been that people aren’t cooperating with him. Law enforcement is not cooperating with him, so he feels that he is outcast in the community by virtue of his position as Constable,” Ekstrom said. He said the county can take action to force Heaton from office if the resignation is not submitted as indicated.