Leaders of Golden Valley Fire District and GEO Group, operators of Kingman Prison, met together on Tuesday, August 2nd, and resolved the different concerns regarding the contract for fire and emergency services between the Kingman Prison and the District.  Fire Chief Jack Yeager and Chairman Paul Gorham met with GEO Group’s Vice President James Black found common ground, cleared up the misunderstanding, putting the contract back in compliance.

While previous discussions revealed some differences, Tuesday’s meeting was very positive and productive; both GEO Group and the District agreed the correct balance was $90,000 through September, with monthly payments of $10,000 through the end of the contract period.  The district should receive the next check within the week.

“It was a very positive meeting and I see a very good partnership developing with GEO for the future,” Fire Chief Jack Yeager said. “We certainly need to give thanks to Representative Sonny Borrelli for his advice and assistance with this issue.  Because of his help this issue was resolved in a positive and professional manner.”

Representative Borrelli said sometimes it just takes a bridge-builder when there’s a communication breakdown.  “I simply worked with the Department of Corrections and Director Charles Ryan to restore the lines of communication.  GEO Group and GVFD did the rest,” Borrelli said.

Both parties have committed to sit down September to work out the new contract terms, when this contract expires.

The current contract provides for an annual cash payment of $120,000 plus prison labor valued at $247,000, was approximately equal to the annual property tax rate.  That rate was based upon 2011’s property tax bill, which has increased significantly since 2011.