Corporation Commissioner Andy Tobin, appointed to the agency by governor Doug Ducey, is floating a plan to shift duties from the commission to agencies under control of the governor. Tobin, on Arizona Horizon, was asked if the plan was a power grab

.”It’s not a power grab. It’s who I am. I’m always looking for efficiencies in process I did that when I was at Weights and Measures and we transferred some of those duties elsewhere.” He says he has not talked to the governor’s office about the plan. “Well they may say they’re not interested. They may tell me this is a bad deal. They may tell me this is not efficient enough.” Tobin’s plan covers possibly switching responsibilities for regulating pipelines, securities and railways, with railway regulation being proposed to shift to the Arizona Department of Transportation. ” The conversation is about whether we’re better to do it than ADOT is where you have that good and wholesome debate. And I go let’s go talk to ADOT, let’s go talk to the railroads. Maybe the railroads don’t want it.” Tobin’s idea would require voter approval. 

Mike Sauceda