Dragan DRNDARSKIBullhead City police said they discovered a battered baby while conducting a separate investigation last Thursday, November 19. Police spokeswoman Emily Fromelt said officers visited an apartment in the 1700 block of North Avenue for a warrant arrest assignment.

Dragan Graves Drndarski, 22, and Heather Jane Smith, 19, were taken into custody on fraud and forgery charges for allegedly passing counterfeit currency in the community. Police learned that the suspects had been babysitting children one and three years of age.

“Police immediately noticed that the one-year-old boy had significant bruising on his body,” Fromelt said. “The baby had two black eyes and blood in his ear and nostrils.”

Fromelt said police learned Drndarski assaulted the boy when he would not stop crying. The boy was SMITH Heatherreleased after he was treated at Western Arizona Regional Medical Center.

Drndarski was also charged with child abuse.