Funny Money investigation in Prescott Valley.  Sergeant Jake Jackson with the Prescott Valley Police Department says they have received five reports of counterfeit money being passed to local stores in the past six weeks.  The counterfeit money includes $5 bills to $50 bills. Sure signs that the money you

have could be counterfeit including raised printed features, red and blue threads and a visible watermark withheld up to the light.  If you think you have counterfeit money, go to the US secret Service website

Counterfeit Money CLUES: 

.      $5 – Right side. Glows blue under UV light

·     $10 – Right side. Glows orange under UV light

·     $20 – Far left hand side. Glows green under UV light

·     $50 – Right around the middle. Glows yellow Under UV light

·     $100 – On left side. Glows pink under UV light

Kris Dugan