A Phoenix firefighter has been nabbed in an undercover sting operation after attempting to sell counterfeit NFL gear in the lead-up to Super Bowl 49.  Court documents show Phoenix Detectives discovered an ad on “Craigslist” for “new NFL Jerseys” being sold for only 50 bucks.  Licensed NFL jerseys retail between

$150 and $300.  Undercover detectives contacted the buyer, 30-year-old Phoenix Firefighter Justin Negrete, and set up a meeting place to make the sale.  Negrete sold a black jersey “bearing counterfeit marks for $50 to undercover detectives. After the jersey was verified as counterfeit, detectives set up another meeting to buy more jerseys.  At the second meeting, court documents show the Phoenix Firefighter “admitted the jerseys he sells are not authentic and added he sells many jersey’s to people he works with.”  Negrete was arrested on the third attempt to sell counterfeit jersey’s to undercover detectives.  Negrete had an excess of $10,000 in counterfeit items in his possession at the time of arrest.

Kris Dugan