Scottsdale police bust up a counterfeit ring.  Sergeant Ben Hoster with Scottsdale police says six people have been booked for making counterfeit $100 bills and using them at various stores.  The investigation kicked off in May after employees with the CVS discovered six $100 bills had been used for Money Grams.  A tip led

police to a house in Scottsdale about possible drug activity which turned out to be the house of one of the suspects police were investigating in the counterfeit ring, Randy Tobin.  Police surveillance shows Tobin and his counterfeit gang used funny money at a number of stores including the W Hotel.    Randy Tobin, Mandy Degan, Pamela Augustine, Kyle Calhoun, Neal Wood and Jonathon Somercik have been arrested on a slew of charges.  

Kris Dugan