elexCandidacy challenges could be brewing in several Mohave County political campaigns. The law includes a provision wherein the names of those seeking office can be left off the election ballot provided there’s proof that their nominating petitions are flawed or insufficient.

Those seeking county office were required to submit nominating petitions by June 1. Several individuals have paid for copies of petitions to review them for possible legal challenge.

The elections office has confirmed that three people paid for copies of petitions that Steve Robinson submitted in pursuit of candidacy for Mohave County Assessor. The Golden Valley republican submitted 228 signatures on his petitions, only three signatures above the mandatory minimum.

The elections office also indicated the three incumbent supervisors—Buster Johnson, Gary Watson and Jean Bishop—each requested copies of nominating petitions submitted by their prospective challengers.

Nominating petitions submitted by prospective Sheriff’s candidate Cori Merryman are also under scrutiny.

Petition and candidacy challenges occur by lawsuit filed in Mohave County Superior Court.