Changing of the Guard - MCRCC Leadership.2015.01.10The Mohave Republican Party will host its County Convention on April 9th at 1:00 PM, following the Quarterly Meeting, in Bullhead City.  The venue, Vista Del Sol Resort located at 3249 Felipe Dr at the corner of Sierra Santiago; is located on the bluff overlooking the south end of the Bullhead Parkway.  The County Republican Committee will select 45 Delegates and 45 Alternates to represent Mohave County at the Arizona State Convention in Phoenix on April 30th.

All registered Republicans in Mohave County are eligible to be a delegate or alternate to the State Convention.  The 45 Delegates (and Alternates), which is based upon one for every 1,000 registered Republicans on December 31, 2015, is the largest number to be sent to the State Convention in the County’s history.

The County contingent will join over 2,400 other delegates and alternates from across Arizona for the State Convention.  Delegates to the Convention will select 58 delegates to attend the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio July 18-21, 2016.

Arizona’s delegates will be statutorily bound to vote for the Presidential candidate who wins the Presidential Preference Election on Tuesday, March 22nd.  If there is no nominee on the first ballot, the Delegates will be free to choose another candidate on successive ballots.  The prospect of a “contested” Convention is the greatest since 1976 when then President Gerald Ford was selected over Ronald Reagan.  Ford lost to Carter that year, while Reagan went on to be elected in both 1980 and 1984 in overwhelming electoral victories.  Currently, Donald Trump with 460 delegates and Ted Cruz with 370, are the frontrunners, though both are well short of the 1,237 needed to secure the nomination going into Tuesday’s five primary contests.  Today’s, along with next week’s primaries in Arizona and Utah could determine who will be the nominee for President.

Further information can be obtained by calling the District Party offices in Lake Havasu City: 855-8006, Bullhead City: 299-5000, or Kingman: 753-2467.