capsuleThe staff of the Mohave County Superior Court has celebrated the placement of a bronze plaque on the structure that contains the courthouse centennial time capsule. The time capsule was placed in the structure last Friday afternoon by workers from the County Facilities Department and sits in-between the World War I memorial and the Mohave County Superior Courthouse.

The “Mohave County Courthouse Centennial Time Capsule” commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Mohave County Courthouse completed in 1915.

The idea of commemorating the centennial with a time capsule originated from the Clerk of Court’s Office earlier this year. Requests for donations were solicited across the county and many individuals and organizations answered the call.

Yearbooks from county High Schools, a 2015 edition of the Arizona Rules of Court, an American Flag, countless photos, recent movie posters, a Grand Canyon National Park Quarter, and an Arizona State Quarter proof were included. Many of the Public Officials across Mohave County wrote “letters to the future” providing advice for the future leaders of Mohave County.

The Mohave County Museum donated a Certificate from the Mohave Superior Court addressed to a lawyer of the time dated 1915. They also donated a Kingman Motor Club Ball Dance Card from 1915. This card was used during this social event, where during the particular song you would get your dance partner to sign the card.

The capsule is a large aluminum cylinder with black powder coating, 28 inches long and 12 inches in diameter. It was capped with two-part epoxy to protect the contents from the environment. The sarcophagus housing the capsule is made out of cinder blocks reinforced with rebar, with a 400 pound flat stone on top.

The outside surface was covered with aesthetic stones to match the tufa stone of the courthouse. The capsule is planned to be opened by the future residents of Mohave County in the year 2115.