The Maricopa County Recorder and Elections Director are in the hot seat as they present the official canvas for the Presidential Preference Election (PPE) to the Board of Supervisors for their approval.

As the supervisors peppered her with questions about why lines at polling places were so long, Elections Director Karen Osborne defended the decision to cut the number of polling places by two-thirds as a cost cutting measure rather than as a means to suppress the vote. Osborne explains that the flood of people requiring a provisional ballot really jammed things up at the polls, as Independents who could not vote insisted on doing so because they believed they were affiliated with a party when they were not. Public testimony to the supervisors underscored the anger of many who waited for hours to vote. Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Spokesman Chris Sautter says the final numbers should not be made official until questions raised by Secretary of State Michelle Reagan, about people who were forced to vote provisionally, are answered. Even so, the resulting confusion and hours long waits did not deter thousands as more than half of all registered voters cast ballots, with close to 113,000 of the 621,000 who voted braving those long lines at the polls.