As it has before, the Mohave County Sheriff’s office is opposing an ownership effort to gain licensed approval for beer and wine consumption at Dream Girls, an adult entertainment dancer club on Highway 95 in Fort Mohave.

The business has an application pending before the Arizona State Liquor Control Board, and Sheriff’s Captain Dean McKie urged Mohave County Supervisors to recommend denial during their December 5 Board meeting. McKie said the sheriff’s office is currently opposed for the same reasons it was when liquor license transfers were proposed in 2008 and 2010.

“Over the last 5 years we’ve been to this location a total of 91 times, 20 of which were disturbances, threats and those type of calls,” McKie told the Board. “I would only expect that those numbers would increase with the inclusion of alcohol being sold on the premises.”

McKie also said the proprietors have failed to correct a number of public safety hazards noted when the fire marshal and county building inspector walked through the building in late September. “If the new tenant can’t follow fire marshal and building inspector directives, I’m skeptical that they’ll follow state liquor laws.”

While the county is officially opposed to the liquor license transfer, the position is only a recommendation and the ultimate licensing decision will come from the state board.