Mohave County Parks is pleased to announce they are the recipients of a Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative Grant of $12,494.72 for an Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) staging area with informational kiosk at Hualapai Mountain Park, and 10,000 tri-fold brochures. The Grant was awarded as part of Yamaha’s Outdoor Access Initiative promoting safe, responsible riding and open, sustainable riding areas.

  Grant funds will be used for the following: 1) Create the dedicated OHV staging area near the entrance to Hualapai Mountain Park, 2) Purchase and install a premanufactured kiosk 3) Design and print informational maps/brochures, that will educate users about the AZ Peace Trail, OHV routes, trail etiquette, and Hualapai Mountain Park lodging and amenities.

   Hualapai Mountain Park has been identified as a “model service support facility” by the Arizona Peace Trail organization and users from 12 local OHV clubs. Providing a staging area with signage, maps and safety education information will make it easier and safer for OHV users to navigate the northern end of the more than 750-mile long loop trail.