image003Mothballed for more than a decade, the old Arnold Plaza property in downtown Kingman will serve veterans in the future. The buildings were first used for medical services before they were transitioned to a county complex long ago.

Asbestos issues have hampered efforts to transfer or sell the Mohave County-owned property. The future owner, the Jerry Ambrose Veterans Council, will work with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality to mitigate the asbestos contamination before renovating the buildings.

The Board of Supervisors voted August 15 to sell the .72-acre parcel to the Veterans Council for $58,500, contingent upon completion of the asbestos remediation.

Veterans Council President Pat Farrell said the renovated facility will serve homeless and at-risk veterans.

“I think it’s a great plan and I wish you the best of luck,” said supervisor Hildy Angius.