Asphalt Paving

In the Arizona Strip, a blade will be finish up the maintenance of roads in the  Scenic area.  The second blade will be in the southwest section of Mt. Trumbull Loop known as Main Street Valley.


In Meadview, the blades will be active on Antares Rd. from Pierce Ferry Rd. south 4 miles, and on Smith Rd.  Crews will also be repairing pot holes on Stockton Hill Rd. and throughout Meadview.


Off north Hwy 93, in Chloride, a blade will be in the area of Tuckahoe Rd. from Chloride Rd. to Sunshine Rd. A second blade will be on Second St. from the cattle guard to Mineral Park Rd.  In Dolan Springs, the blade will be in the area of 7th St. east of Pierce Ferry Rd. and heading north towards town.


North of Kingman, the blade will be working in the Cactus Wren area.  East of Kingman, in the Hackberry area, the blade will be active on Hackberry Rd. followed by Stephan Rd.  A blade will also be working on the south part of

Antares Rd.


In the Golden Valley area, the blades will be active in the following areas: S/E: Walnut Creek Estates; S/W: Redwall and Diabase west of Egar; N/E: Adobe to Verde and Hwy 68 to Burro; N/W: Troy between Glen Canyon and Estrella. In addition, crews will be repairing potholes north of Hwy 68 in Crystal Estates and on Estrella and Egar.


In the Mohave Valley area, crews will be in Golden Shores, crack sealing in the northern section and patching potholes in the southern section. Additionally, workers will be trimming trees to improve line of sight inMohave Valley and Fort Mojave, and sweeping in Willow Valley and Sun Valley. The pickup broom will be sweeping roads with curb and gutter south of Joy Lane, including the

subdivisions of Desert Lakes and Sun Valley, and the blade will be active on Starr Rd. between Camp Mohave Rd. and Camino Colorado.


In the Yucca area, the blades will be working on Knox Dr. and on Alamo Rd. from MP23 (Sunset Dr.) to MP26 (Planet Ranch Rd.).


In the Wikieup/Signal area, the blade will be working on 17 Mile Rd.