Road Work JSNIn the Arizona Strip, the blade will be working on Mud Mountain Rd.


In Dolan Springs, crews will be chip sealing Pierce Ferry Rd. from MP7.2 in the heart of town, to MP20.5 almost to the intersection with Stocktonhill Rd. The blade will be active on Cottonwood Rd.


North of Kingman, a blade will be maintaining shoulders on Stockton Hill Rd. from MP20-24 and working on roads off of Stockton Hill Rd. in the Calle Lucero area. Off I-40 east of Kingman, a blade will be active on Knight Creek Rd. Off Route 66 east of Kingman, the blade will be completing Hackberry Rd. before moving into Greenwood Village.


In the Golden Valley area, the blades will be active in the following

areas: S/E – Walnut Creek Estates; S/W – Garnet from Navajo to Shinarump; N/E – Chino working west from Kelvin; N/W – Katherine Mine to Old Wagon Mine Rd.


In Lake Havasu, crews will be doing routing maintenance throughout the area.


In Mohave Valley, crews will be trimming trees to improve line of sight in Fort Mohave, sweeping in Golden Shores, patching

potholes and pavement edges in Golden Shores, Mohave Valley and Fort Mohave, and mowing shoulders in Willow Valley.


In Yucca, the blade will be working on Apache Rd. before moving onto Knox Dr.


In the Wikieup and Signal areas, the blade will be active on Burro Creek Crossing Rd., and on Alamo Rd. from Chicken Springs Rd. to Signal Rd.