Steve Moss said improving law enforcement and roads are his top priorities as he begins his second four year term as Mohave County supervisor.

“Our criminal justice system and our road systems are not being adequately maintained,” Moss said. He introduces the matter for discussion at the Board’s first meeting of 2017.

Moss said problems must be identified and prioritized before solutions are explored. And he believes need of additional revenue may be part of the answer.

“We’ll have to talk about property taxes and sales taxes and transportation taxes and jail taxes and any other taxes. Those are all possible solutions, so they’re on the table,” Moss said. “Does it mean that’s the direction we’re going to jump? Not necessarily. My understanding, and I’d like to hear the numbers, is that we anticipate revenue increases this coming year just because of the economy.”

The January 3 Board of supervisors meeting at the county administration building in Kingman starts at 9:30 a.m.