A Laveen couple has been arrested for brutally beating their three children.  Officer James Holmes with Phoenix Police says 34-year-old Tyree Young is accused of whipping his step-children, ages three, four and nine-years-old, with a looped

electrical cord.  The mother, Yvonne Orona, alleged hit the children in the face. Holmes says the children found a gun and it accidentally fired.  When Young confronted the children, Young allegedly grabbed the nine-year-old boy by his hair and dragged him into a room when he forced the child to removed his shirt and pants. 

 The police report states the boy was whipped by the cord and suffered lacerations to his face and several lacerations to his rear. He also whipped the two other children multiple times.  Later, when Young fell asleep after, the nine-year-old boy was brave enough to leave the house and call his grandparents from a neighbor’s house to tell them what had happened.  The boy showed possible signs of internal injuries and has been taken to Phoenix Children’s Hospital for treatment. 

Young was booked into jail on four counts of child abuse. Orona was booked on one count of child abuse, aggravated assault, domestic violence assault and unlawful imprisonment.

Kris Dugan