Mesa Police say a man and a woman are dead following a murder- suicide late Monday night. Detective Esteban Flores says the woman’s 18 year old daughter made the horrible discovery at the couple’s apartment, finding her mother and stepfather shot to death. Flores says the shooting

comes after 45 year old April Engle filed for divorce from 40 year old David Engle, and left their apartment to stay with a friend.

Flores says, when April returned to her old residence to grab her belongings, David was there waiting for her, shooting her and then turning the gun on himself. Flores says police had been called out to the apartment several times. Just last week, he says, David had been threatening suicide.

Going back to a home where violence has occurred can be one of the most dangerous things to do when returning there to retrieve one’ own belongings, as April Engle’s tragedy underscores. That’s why Flores says it’s an undertaking you don’t have to tackle on your own. He strongly recommends calling police and going through a “civil stand by.” That means requesting  an officer to accompany you for protection as you remove your belongings from a domestic violence environment. Flores points out the Engle case is all the more tragic considering a police substation was so close it shared a wall with the the couple’s apartment complex.

—Barbara Villa