The Coyotes analyst is taking a leave of absence after being arrested in Buffalo.  Former NHL player Nick Boynton has been accused of fighting with police at the Buffalo Creek Casino Wednesday night.  According to “Buffalo News,” an officer said Boynton “was abusive to the staff at the casino, and when

officers tried to take him into custody, he bit one of them on the finger.”  Thirty-six-year-old has been charged with assault, criminal mischief and harassment.

According to a statement issued by the Coyotes, “Early this morning, Coyotes radio color analyst Nick Boynton was involved in a situation at a Buffalo casino. A police investigation is underway. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and until the continuing legal process is completed, we will have no further comment. Mr. Boynton has been placed on a leave of absence.”

Kris Dugan