Phoenix police have arrested several suspects connected to a crime spree involving a kidnapping, robbery and murder.   According to officials, the suspects broke into a house Thursday and forced the resident into his car where the suspects made him drive to Phoenix ATM.  Afterward, the

suspect was dropped off.  On Friday, a person was shot dead during an attempted robbery where the victim was “driven to the location.”  Witnesses say two Black men fled the scene in a red car.  Some time later, a person was approached by an armed man demanding money.  The suspects fled the scene.  Then some time later, three suspects, two men and one woman, robbed and pistol whipped a man sitting in his car at an apartment complex.  The victim hit the gas and barreled into several cars trying to escape his attackers and a shot was fire.  No one was hurt.  Police showed up and all three suspects scattered like rats in different directions.  Police caught up to all three and have detained them.  The trio is tied to the kidnapping, robbery and murder.  Phoenix police are still investigating and have no comment.

Kris Dugan