The stage is set for the possible fulltime return of Wayne Eder as chief of the Northern Arizona Consolidated Fire District (NACFD). It was called the Hualapai Valley Fire District when an extended period of turmoil and a series of controversies saw Eder step down as chief nearly eight years ago.

A change in the current majority of the NACFD governing board saw the fire district bring Eder back as interim chief last month. Board chairman Patty Lewis intimated his return was temporary and that his main job was to hire a new fire chief.

Critics including many of the firefighters employed by the district protested the move as a sham. They expressed concern that the events were “fixed”, and orchestrated to bring Eder back as fulltime chief.

Eder is one of five people who reportedly applied for the position before last Friday’s deadline. It’s not clear when a hiring decision might be made.

The next regularly scheduled governing board meeting is April 20.