JSN - CRUHSD BOND ISSUE IDEAThe Colorado River Union High School District (CRUHSD) will be making the final payment toward its 2004 bond issue in July, and that has school boardmembers considering their next major investment. At Monday’s CRUHSD school board meeting at River Valley High School, school district superintendent Riley Frei outlined needed capital projects at both Mohave and River Valley High Schools. He also took the opportunity to pitch another idea that could be beneficial to not only local schools, but also Mohave Community College and Bullhead City.  “Something we’ve been working on for three or four years now is to consider building a ‘civic center’-type facility, which would be a centrally located large building that would provide a place for all of our events to take place,” Frei said. “When you think of all the athletic events that we put on at the two high schools, and even at the junior highs, and the amount of money we spend on maintaining them in two separate locations, you can see where we would save money in the long run by having only one facility.” The ‘civic center’ is being proposed for a plot of land currently owned by MCC on Highway 95 just north of the Rio Lomas neighborhood of Bullhead City. Frei is hopeful that school district would be able to reach some agreement with MCC to accommodate the large facility, which would be complete with a football/soccer field, baseball diamonds, as well as indoor facilities for volleyball, basketball, and wrestling. Frei is also hoping to win support for his idea by allowing the facility to be used for economic development purposes, especially with the city and it’s ever-increasing interest in hosting sporting events. “We think a partnership with the community college on a project like this would be great for the college, great for the community and the people of the Tri-State area,” Frei added. “While we would build it specifically for the local educational system, there is certainly economic development benefits that it could bring now and into the future of our community.” If a bond issue is to be put before voters this year, the CRUHSD school board will have to formally call for an election within the next two months.