courthouseWas it consensual sex or an act of rape?

That’s the question a jury must decide in a trial that began Wednesday at the Mohave County courthouse in Kingman. 26-year-old Anthony Lackman is charged with sexual assault and burglary.

The event in question occurred March 8, at a residence on Honeybear Drive in Lake Havasu City.

Attorneys involved in the case agree that Lackman was with a group from Phoenix that was going door-to-door to offer curbside address painting to residents. They also agree that the alleged 61-year old victim agreed to have her curb painted and that she was retrieving money while Lackman stood outside her front door.

Opposing counsel differ from there.

Prosecutor Jonathan Taylor said Lackman entered the home uninvited and raped the woman in her bedroom. He said the defendant bragged of his endowment and told his victim that she would enjoy it.

Defense attorney Robin Puchek said the woman knowingly and willfully had sex with Lackman. Puchek noted that the alleged victim told investigators that Lackman looked nice and smelled good and he urged jurors to consider whether a woman who had been raped would describe her assailant in that manner.

The trial is expected to extend into next week.