The Democratic National Committee is keeping a sharp eye on Arizona following Maricopa County’s election snags two weeks ago. Pratt Wiley, the D-N-C’s Voter Expansion Director, says an array  of problems, including unusually long lines and voter confusion stem from the gutting of the Voting Rights Act and the 2013 Shelby court case further weakening the law.

As concerns over what happened are addressed, Wiley reflects on what legal recourse is left after the V-R-A has been greatly decimated. He says, the Justice Department can still go in and determine if minority communities have been specifically targeted; and if that’s found, “the courts can intervene”. He says a Judge could order remedies, such as more evenly distributing polls throughout the county, pointing out that some House districts lacked a single voting location.

Wiley and D-N-C Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz are calling for restoration of the Voting Rights Act. The Justice Department has already begun investigating what went wrong in Maricopa county. And a group called A.U.D.I.T A-Z is planning to file a lawsuit over the debacle this week.

–Barbara Villa