The State Corrections Department has fired 13 employees after two inmate suicides within the past year. That information, just coming to light in a series of documents from the D-O-C.

Last August, 25 year old Cynthia Akpaw was found hanging in her jail cell unresponsive. According to D-O-C documents, although security logs document regular inmate checks, surveillance video

shows no one checked in on her for two hours and forty five minutes. Then last February, Scott Saba was also found hanged in his cell. Guards could not immediately get in because the inmate’s body was up against his door. The documents show guards turning in their work keys and radios, clearly emergency lifelines for the job, before they ended their shifts—a blatant violation of D-O-C policy.

Some of the terminated include supervisors. D-O-C Director Charles Ryan’s rueful assessment : “It is disappointing to find that we have employees who decided not to perform their duties”.

Saba’s brother, Richard, says Scott died after being seen by mental health professionals twice, and not being administered the medications he was supposed to have. Richard has retained a lawyer.

–Barbara Villa