A State Trooper gets some unexpected help Tuesday in catching an impaired driver. Quintin Mehr with D-P-S says, it all began when the motorcycle trooper pulled over a Ford S-U-V which stopped, but then fled. Mehr says, at one point, 43 year old Vivian Roberts rear-ended a car, backed up

almost hitting the trooper, then began driving the wrong way on Interstate 17. An off duty Maricopa County Sheriff’s Deputy tried and failed to stop her, then a civilian driver blocked her way with his vehicle getting hit by Roberts in the process.

Mehr says the impact sent the S-U-V rolling down the embankment where it got stuck. That’s when the trooper and the deputy went down and arrested Roberts. She suffered minor injuries. Roberts faces a slew of charges including D-U-I, Unlawful Flight and outstanding felony and misdemeanor warrants.

Ironically, D-P-S was after another woman driving the wrong way on Eastbound interstate 10 during Tuesday morning rush-hour, at the same moment the Roberts incident was unfolding.

–Barbara Villa