A man who recently moved to north Kingman was arrested over the weekend for child abuse. The Mohave County Sheriff’s office began investigating after a woman walking her dog encountered a barefoot girl walking on hot asphalt early Saturday, July 22.

The ten year-old girl told the woman and deputies that her father drove her into the desert and abandoned her. She was trying to walk home when she met the dog walker.

Sheriff’s office spokeswoman Trish Carter said deputies located the father who smelled of alcohol when he was awakened from a nap. She said 28-year-old Christopher Watson said he took his daughter for a ride to calm her down after they had an argument.

“He admitted to dropping his daughter off in the desert just north of McVicar Avenue and Norrie Drive without any water or shoes,” Carter said in a news release. “He said that he returned home and waited about 15 minutes before going back out for his daughter”, but was unable to find her.

The girl was released following treatment at Kingman Regional Medical Center after complaining of a headache and sore neck. Department of Child Safety officials took custody of the girl and her nine year-old brother.