Turns out Doting Dads are getting the shaft on Father’s Day!  According to a recent poll by the National Retail Federation, 64 percent of Dad’s offspring will maybe get the man a card on Father’s. On Mother’s day, 81 percent of those same children will buy presents galore for mom.  This Father’s Day, sons and

daughters will spend about $7.4 Billion LESS on gifts and goodies for Dad than they spent on Mom for Mother’s Day.  Mother’s are showered with gifts, brunches and lavish family outings whereas Father’s typically end up with a gift from the dollar store they will never use and barbecuing their own dinner.  So, what do you buy for the man who sent you to your room 967 times and grounded you for life?  Six out of ten surveyed planned on buying a man’s go-to gift – the Home Depot Gift Card.

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 21.




 Kris Dugan