The son of Kingman Police Chief Bob Devries is the Mohave County Sheriff’s detective who was involved in a deadly gunbattle with an unidentified subject Tuesday afternoon in Golden Valley. Detective Aaron Devries, 30, a 12 year department employee, is on paid administrative leave, which is customary after an officer-involved shooting in Arizona.

The Bullhead City police department is conducting an independent investigation of the shooting but has not released any information as of yet. Mohave County Sheriff Doug Schuster said a DEA agent was also involved in the gun battle but he has not yet been identified.

Sheriff Schuster said officers engaged in a vehicle and foot pursuit of the driver of a Ford Escalade that he said was somehow connected to a drug related search warrant served hours before the shooting. Schuster said the officers were not injured but the man was killed after he drew fire when he raised a weapon in the direction of the lawman during the foot pursuit in the desert.

The identity of the deceased is still withheld.